Many people still ignores it, but since Windows 8 (and 8.1 for Windows Phone), you can build Windows native applications using HTML and JavaScript. Yes you read it correctly NATIVE applications. Those applications does NOT run through a webview but with a native HTML/JavaScript application shell called « wwahost ». Those applications are now called « Windows web applications ».

Windows 10 introduced a few enhancements to Windows web apps. They run with a different security context and on Microsoft Edge engine. There is also something called « project Westminster ». More simply, Westminster is « hosted applications », or applications that runs with content hosted on the internet but still have access to Windows APIs. You could find more about hosted apps on our blog, or obviously on Microsoft’s blog.

Windows web apps are fully parts of the new concept of Universal Windows Platform applications. It means that you could make applications using HTML/JavaScript for Windows desktop and tablet, but also for Windows 10 mobile, Xbox, Windows IoT, and the soon to come Hololens.

This post is the first of a serie where we will talk about various aspects of Universal Windows web apps using HTML and JavaScript. We will illustrate the different topics with a real application called « Bring the popcorn », a remote controller for a Kodi or Xbmc media server.

This application is open source, and available in the Windows store. It uses WinJS and WinJSContrib to provide a fast and fluid experience, using the latest features of Edge and Chakra engine (or at least those made available in web apps…).

Hope you will enjoy this serie !