Since the Update 2 of Visual Studio, the TypeScript debugging in UWP apps is broken.

After a lot of discussions on the TypeScript repo, Mine Yalcinalp Starks give me a workearound that works just perfectly 🙂

And here the solution (I assume you’re running in an English locale here, otherwise I don’t think the workaround is applicable):

Close VS.
In an administrator command prompt:

cd %ProgramFiles(x86)%\msbuild\microsoft\visualstudio\v14.0\typescript
mkdir en
copy *.xaml en
copy TypeScript.Tasks.dll en\TypeScript.Tasks.resources.dll

The behavior that breaks the TypeScript integration in UWP (In reality, typescript is not officially supported in UWP apps, it will be in VS15 « next ») is potentially due to a TypeScript installation bug.