If like us you’re desperately trying to publish a new LOB app in your Microsoft Business Store, here is 2 tricks to solve the issue…


Your Windows 10 LOB app is ready to be deployed to your organisation, so you submit it to the store. In the « Pricing and availability » > « Distribution and visibility » section of the submission, you chose « LOB distribution » and checked the store corresponding to your organisation.

Publish LOB app

The certification process is OK, the publication is OK, but the new app doesn’t appear in the Business Store… 😦

Empty Business Store

Trick 1

The first trick is you can check if your app is in the store using the URL https://businessstore.microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/anything/my_app_storeid (to get the store ID of your app, you open the dashboard of your app and go to App management > App Identity).

Business Store LOB app detail

Trick 2

You see your app thanks to the trick 1, but still not in Manage > New LOB Apps page in the Business Store… So the second trick is to check the language you used to describe your in the submission of you  app to the store. In our case, it was in French only. If I switch from en-us to fr-fr in the URL https://businessstore.microsoft.com/fr-fr/lob/AppDetails, I can now see my app !

Add LOB app to the inventory

And I can add it to the inventory of my private store !