.NET Overview and Roadmap
Scott Hunter, Scott Hanselman


  • Visual Studio 2017 15.7
  • Visual Studio for Mac 7.5
  • .NET Core 2.1 RC (https://aka.ms/DotNetCore21)
  • .NET Core 3 (Preview later this year)
    • WPF/WinForms can now uses .NET Core instead of .NET FX
    • .NET Core App Bundler (make a single exe containing all dlls)
  • .NET Conf 2018 (September 12-14)
  • Azure SignalR Services (as a Service)
  • New debugging option for WebAPI (http cli)
  • Functional tests with WebApplicationFactory
  • Navigate to source of a NuGet package or decompile sources from a DLL
  • Better support for Editorconfig
  • Blazor (with C# dlls into a browser)

For this session full in announcements and demos, the Scotts started with the new .NET Core 2.1 which is available in Release Candidate today.


This new version features better performance, both at compile and run time.



Next was the Azure SignalR as a Service. This is a new service to allow provision a SignalR server that benefits from the scaling and resilient features of Azure.
This was demoed with a Trivia app that the session attendees could play live while the speakers were managing the app from their localhost. All messages going through the Azure SignalR service.


We were shown a currently in development new option for debugging WebAPIs.
It’s a command line with commands to list all endpoints, query the API, and debug it.


Next was the announcement of .NET Core 3.020180507_221753313_iOS.jpg

.NET Core 3.0 can now be chosen as the runtime for Win32 apps (like WinForms) and WPF.


Then we were shown the new versions of Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac



One feature that is currently experimental is the ability to navigate to sources of a NuGet Package, or to decompile an existing DLL (like Jetbrains already does)


To end this session, the Scotts showed us the new features for Web Development, like Blazor (and mono.js/web assembly which can run C# DLL right into the browser)20180507_224208579_iOS.jpg