Visual Studio and Xamarin: The future of app development
Miguel de Icaza

In this dense but really interesting session, Miguel gave us a complete tour of how to do mobile app development in Xamarin today, as well as what will be the new features of Xamarin.

For the simplicity of this article, I will only list the new tools available and what will be available in the next version of Xamarin.

Don’t hesitate to watch to great session on Channel9 to see all the key points to take into account when designing your mobile apps to optimize user retention.

Announcements :

    • Simplified templates with a new Visual Studio Wizard
    • Automatic Android SDK Management in Visual Studio
    • The XAML editor of Xamarin.Forms is now the same as WPF/UWP
    • Android Designer (Split View Designer of AXML files) now available as a Preview Release
    • Faster build/deploy time when debugging Android apps with Eager Deployment (build and deploy are made in parallel
    • Hyper-V now supports official Android Emulators
    • Visual Studio can now simplifies iOS provisioning by using fastlane
    • Better profiling tools are available in Xamarin
    • Xamarin.iOS can now be compiled with a Full Static Mode to have better performance and memory usage
    • Xamarin.Forms 3.0 is released and comes with CSS / Flex Layout / Visual State Manager / Support for Right to Left languages
    • Xamarin Essentials is a new NuGet package containing most of the most used features for simpler cross platform developments
    • Elmish.XamarinForms is a new framework to make Xamarin a more functional friendly environment (with F#) by writing your app like React (functions return a new view instead of modifying it)
    • Ooui is Xamarin.Forms in the Browser thanks to Web Assembly