Conversational AI: Best Practices for Building Bots
Elaine Chang, Vishwac Sena Kannan

This session focused on the best practices to build bots at every step of the development cycle.
And breaking news, Bot development follows the same best practices as any other development!

You should define what you want to achieve with the bot. It must add value, be accessible and be effective.


You should include domain experts when designing your bot and iterate with some final users to make an effective design. Also plan how your bot should react, but do not over do it at the start. Start simple, and grow in complexity step by step later.

For example, you should plan simple interaction at first, no AI. And make sure to measure the users interaction with your bot to have successfully core features. Later you can think of adding adaptive cards for faster and prettier interactions, then move on language understanding and other advanced features.


You should also set success metrics for your bot to achieve, making sure your bot is useful to your users.

When planning your conversation dialogs, always think to add escape hatches to let your users start over, especially if your bot is doing something critical.


Finally when your bot is deployed and used, you must have some ways to monitor it and get feedback from your users.

And always take those metrics into account to enhance your bot over time.