One of the most expected session for this Ignite in termes of Intranet anc Communication area with SharePoint was this one. As you know, we are pushing torwards Modern Communication Sites for a few months now, and since Mozzaik365 is now full modern it makes it even easier to deploy it. I’ve caught up few phrases and outlined them.
Best intranet is about getting the work done. Users come back to intranet because it’s usefull, not because it’s beautifull

Fair point, you’d rather spend time interviewing users to get their need than producing a beautiful but very complexed intranet.

Search is one of the biggest pain points.

Definitly one of the paint points out there, and so far Modern SharePoint need an additional effort to customize it.

We should not talk about workloads or services, but more about building scenarios. Many organizations want to lock this down, and guess what ? People will find a way.

Music to my ears at this point, we see that all the time, it’s easier to lock everything than proposing solutions to end-users, and it often ends with the use of WhatsApp, DropBox, and non-governed-it solutions. And the remediation to that is …
It’s all about Governance.

The flat world is crowded with SIte Collections, and THAT’S OK ! Hub Sites is now allowing the  creation of Family of sites. #hubsbeforesubs


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